We bring exceptional experiences to life for hifi enthusiasts.

At Bliss Hifi, we believe that music plays an integral part in delivering the emotional fulfillment people seek in their lives. Simply said, music moves us – so much that we are passionate about helping you experience music in a way that moves you like never before.

  • Bret S.
    The audiophile journey can be intimidating, especially for those just starting down the path. After spending countless hours reading online reviews and being directionally sold by traditional hifi retailers, I discovered Bliss, literally and figuratively. Bliss patiently worked with me to educate and guide me to a sound signature that suited my personal tastes. I’m truly grateful to have found a trusted audio Sherpa and now spend countless hours enjoying the music.
    Bret S.
    Milwaukee, WI
  • Michael V.
    Bliss helped me make smart, tactical upgrades to evolve my sound system—and my ears. Juan took the time to demonstrate to me the science (and the mysticism) of positioning, power, and quality engineering which has transformed my unforgiving listening room into a musical instrument. The result is a system that punches above its weight in terms of value, presence, and detail.
    Michael V.
    New York, NY

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You are cordially invited to experience Bliss. We are located in Minnetonka, MN on the Deephaven border. We accommodate visits by appointment only and give you our complete attention when you are here. You should expect to have the opportunity to listen to a reference-level system and being engaged in discussion so we learn how to best help guide you further along your journey.

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