Synergistic Research XOT Carbon

High frequency filters for speaker crossovers that terminate directly to speaker leads, increasing resolution and lowering noise for more holographic sound.

Control is power

Hear more of what you love about your speakers. Upgrade and enhance your speaker’s performance and get more satisfaction from your music by attaching XOT Carbon High-Frequency Transducers to directly to the binding posts. XOT Carbons are high-frequency filters specifically designed for your speaker’s crossovers. They scrub the nasty EM fields that adversely affect your music. The powerful XOTs clean up high-frequency noise that otherwise distorts harmonic structures within the music signal. UEF particles within the XOTs are excited by the EM fields, in turn, the EM fields become balanced by the XOTs and more phase correct information is achieved. You will hear a lower noise floor, higher resolution and a significant increase in soundstage air with improved mid-range clarity and improved low-frequency control for a more holographic and musical presentation. Terminated in either spade or banana connections.


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