DH Labs D-110 Silver Reference AES/EBU

A true 110 Ohm cable that employs 20 awg pure silver polished surface conductors and features our new rhodium-plated tellurium copper connectors.

The NEW handcrafted D-110 AES/EBU – SILVER REFERENCE is a true 110ohm cable that employs 20 awg PURE SILVER polished surface conductors (99.9999% purity). This cable is MADE IN USA and also features our new rhodium-plated tellurium copper XLR connectors.

A critical goal of a digital interface cable is to maintain perfect uniform impedance and ultra-low capacitance. The combination of a PTFE tape-wrapped foam dielectric, a solid spacer (for constant impedance) and perfectly concentric configuration yields the finest 110ohm digital cable available from any manufacturer at any price.


  • 110-ohm Nominal Impedance
  • Special PE Solid Filler Rods maintain constant 110-ohm impedance
  • Capacitance: 11 pF / ft.
  • Tape-Wrapped PTFE (Tefon) Foam Dielectric
  • 20 AWG, Solid Core Silver (99.9999% purity) USA
  • Hand assembled with true silver solder
  • Custom DH Labs Rhodium Plated/Tellurium Copper XLR Connectors

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