T+A Talis bookshelf speakers, crafted from solid aluminum with the same engineering and build quality as the S 300, features huge sound out of a small speaker with bass down to 35hz.

For almost twenty years now the Talis name has been a byword for speakers crafted from solid aluminum which offer extraordinarily good sound, look fabulous and are made to uniquely high standards. Aluminum as primary material opens up a wide range of options in terms of sculptural form, surface finish and design which are simply not attainable from cabinets made of wood.

T+A’s use of sophisticated extrusion tools enables us to produce extremely rigid cabinets whose internal volume is high in spite of their slender, compact shape. This in turn allows the speakers to reproduce bass – even very low frequencies – superbly, whilst eliminating any trace of cabinet resonance. Not a single screw is visible in the organically shaped baffle, which is designed to generate a perfect radiation pattern over the full mid / treble range. The resultant imaging characteristics are phenomenally good. The latest generation of thoroughbred drive units and cross-overs are the key to the superb sound qualities of the new Talis loudspeakers. Talis – the perfect symbiosis of German engineering skill, design and performance.

Design Philosophy

The cabinets are based on profiled aluminum extrusions, and their refined construction is enormously strong and rigid as well as exuding a refined elegance. The thickness of the solid baffle enables us to machine the drive unit openings “organically”, i.e. there are no sharp edges or corners, allowing the sound to expand and detach itself from the speaker without reflections. This is an important factor in the incredibly spacious imaging ability of the Talis loudspeaker. The all-aluminum construction offers a further advantage: the cabinet walls and cover are significantly thinner than those of wooden equivalents, and this makes it possible to enlarge the internal volume. The cabinets are also very heavy, and substantially stiffer than conventional designs. These two characteristics are extraordinarily important for accurate bass reproduction, because the cabinet is devoid of the slightest tendency to resonate; there are no resonant effects which could excite the mid-range drivers, and this promotes uncolored mid-range reproduction. Cabinet-borne sound and all unwanted resonance are eliminated by the special absorbent material which lines the cabinet walls.


Music power handling 200 Watts
Frequency range 35 – 35000 Hz
Cabinet Solid aluminium, 15 kg

T+A Elektroakustik

Since 1978 in Herford, Germany, T+A designs and manufactures components of the very highest quality with the aim of developing consummate high-end products for customers. With curiosity as a driving force and the benefit of being a family company to take time to reach perfection with each product, T+A accepts no compromises in the optimization process. T+A is determined to carve out their own advances and not simply follow the progress of technology. From DSP and active units in loudspeakers to the world’s first DSD 1024-capable player, T+A is one of the world’s leading hifi innovation companies. And by employing a design philosophy of timeless reduction, you'll experience that T+A does not build mass products - they build acoustic treasures, heartbeats, goosebumps and enthusiasm to last for decades.

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