The TT-10 is a genuinely Margules turntable, the result of the crossing of fresh ideas with our experience and technological innovations.

The mission of our turntable is to make the records spin to become music, and we can tell you that it accomplishes its task with great mastery.

Its contemporary design and the quiet performance of its motor, in conjunction with the balanced cymbal and its uni-pivot arm, guarantee an open sound, with a forceful presence and a great level of detail and realism, characteristic of the Margules sound.


The TT-10 is a high-precision, low-noise turntable that integrates with a fresh and innovative aesthetic design, high-precision elements, and ingenious technical solutions that achieve exceptional performance.

The TT-10’s chainring is a single piece of high mass aluminum mounted on a self-lubricating bushing with a ceramic bullet that reduces speed variation, WOW and FLUTTER.

The turntable platform is decoupled from the motor to prevent vibrations from it and, in turn, coupled to the base employing mechanical diodes that prevent vibration transfer and allow its leveling.

The motor is high precision synchronous, extremely low torque and revolutions, making it one of the quietest.

The tonearm is manufactured from very low resonance machined and anodized aluminum, optimized for medium to low coupling pickups; it is unipivot, so it generates practically no friction while moving freely on the two axes. The azimuth and anti-skid adjustment (anti-skating) allow optimizing the needle’s attack position. The standard base and mini din arm connectors will enable you to install almost any arm and precisely adjust the height, angle, and distance.


Platter weight 5 kg
Motor asynchronous motor, 250 rpm
Wow and Flutter 0.1%
Weight .8 kg
Dimensions 15cm H, 52cm W, 41cm D

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