A reference-level audio rack offering high performance anti-resonance characteristics for heavy load audio components.

QUATTRON REFERENCE consists of a bottom shelf fitted with four special height adjustable rack legs providing high stability. Subsequently there are additional shelves stacked to the base. These shelves are fitted with massive steel legs finished with anti-resonance ball tips with high load capacity.

The variability of QUATTRON REFERENCE is excellent. Shelves have a usable heights of 120mm for the bottom shelf, and variable subsequent heights of 130 mm, 180 mm, 230 mm, 280 mm, 330mm and 380 mm provide you with possibilities to perfectly fit your audio components.

The 50mm solid stainless steel legs come in three premium versions: LUXURY BLACK DIAMOND, LUXURY BLACK DIAMOND + GOLD, LUXURY BLACK DIAMOND + BRONZE.

Supporting ball tips, mounted in semicircular bowls, absorb unwanted vibration of audio components having negative influence on reference listening.

The shelves are made of 40mm thick MDF board /medium-density fiberboard/. There is even a special shelf for a turntable in the reference model menu. You can make a choice of two versions, with a shelf width of 600mm and 720mm. The shelf for turntable with the shelf width of 720mm and load capacity up to 150kg can esily carry large turntables, such as TechDas, Kronos and others.

The QUATTRON REFERENCE also offers stands for mono blocks and large output amplifiers. Stock options include natural walnut veneer and two basic colors, white and black in matte finishing.

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